August 18, 2017

Reporter Field Notes

Take a chance on yourself

By Jerry Quijano

If you’re feeling lost, that’s OK. Keep forging ahead, keep smiling, keep working, keep expecting good things. Life is an awesome journey, and each day is an unlimited adventure within itself.

What I hope to keep practicing in my life, and what I encourage you to try with me, is to be as present as possible in each moment you can. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, count to 10, and do it again. When you open your eyes, do it with purpose and recognize the potential you have within you. All it requires is that we say “yes” and do our part.

I am so happy to have been accepted to Next Generation Radio, and I’m beyond thankful I said yes. Next Gen Radio didn’t teach me to love interviewing, and it didn’t teach me to love audio editing. Next Gen taught me a systematic way in which to organize my thoughts; my mentors pulled back the curtain and showed me how to succeed at my life’s passion.

I can head to Denver to see the solar eclipse knowing I worked my freaking butt off this week, and it was probably the most fun, enjoyable and rewarding week of my life. Seriously, keep working and keep looking forward. You’ll get there and it will feel so good.

This morning in Austin, I decided to find an HEB without using my GPS. I got lost, but it was fun. When I finally got my bearings, I found myself on a street that seemed strangely familiar. It was the one of the streets I had ridden with Paco on Tuesday.

It’s a shortcut he uses to avoid hills and make his work a little easier.

It takes a little more time, he told me, but it’s worth it.

It really is.

peace and love, jq