• Morgan O'Hanlon interviews Bubba Ortiz

Taking on Hill Country’s wild-hog headache, one trap at a time

By Morgan O’Hanlon

In Texas, the hog business is booming. Bubba Ortiz makes his living in capturing, killing and cooking wild hogs. Read & listen

There might not be oceans in Austin, but there are mermaids

By Sierra Juarez

Maria Russo is a professional mermaid. Her company, Sirenalia, sells intricate silicone tails to customers worldwide and she makes mermaid appearances at events in the Austin, Texas, area. Read & listen

Cruising Austin for compost

By Jerry Quijano

Compost is more than just a green initiative to Francisco “Paco” De Lozanne, it’s a way of life. He spends four days a week biking through Austin picking up compost for Compost Pedallers. Read & listen

Got unwelcome critter guests? Who you gonna call?

By Dani Matias

Dillon, owner of Critter Ridder Texas, an animal-removal company, researches and develops humane methods of removing unwelcome critters from homes. For more than 15 years, he has grown a business that provides urban trapping, control or removal. Read & listen

Ventriloquist Ian Varella is no dummy for realizing his childhood dream

By Maria Mendez

San Marcos, Texas-based ventriloquist Ian Varella has come a long way from his first performance in first grade. Read & listen

Turning his passion for Texas hardwood into art

By Jerry Rafael

Craig Timmerman left his career in computer programming to focus on woodturning full time. Read & listen